What We Do To Heal Your Computer

New Computer Consultation and Setup

We advise you as to what type of computer to purchase based on your needs. Then we remove all of the bloatware/junkware from your new computer, install proper anti-virus and firewall software, download all the latest OS updates, and start you out on a positive note with your new investment.

Virus and Spyware Removal

There are so many ways that your system can easily become infected with malware. specializes in removing viruses and spyware from your system and we will teach you what to look for and how to keep from becoming infected again. We will remove any malware on your system and set you up with the proper tools-Free Anti-Virus, Firewall and maintenance scanners to keep your system clean.

Data Transfer

The will transfer your important data from your present hard drive to any new computer or external drive. Even then, we always recommend that you back up your important data on a regular basis.

Backup Solutions

There are many backup solutions available to you. Either personal or corporate cloud backup, external drive across your network or simple hook up to your computer. We can also teach you how to back up your data to CD’s or DVD. will help you to figure out the best personal solution for your backup needs and put them in place for you.

Free Lifetime Anti-Virus and Firewall Solutions

We highly recommend that you use an Anti-Virus program AND a Firewall but there’s no need to pay for these products. We believe that the free products on the market are just as good as the paid products and have been recommending them with success for years. Contact to get recommendations for your system.

Remote Support will reach out to your desktop via the internet to solve your software and computer troubleshooting and maintenance issues.

Computer Tune-Up will optimize your laptop or desktop and also make hardware or software recommendations to upgrade your computer so that you can get the most from it.

Blackberry, MP3, Wireless Device Setup:

We set up your blackberry or cell phone and get it ready to receive your emails and communications. We also show you how to use your iPod or mp3 player and how to start your digital music library on your computer.

Software and OS Install

We will upgrade or install your Windows Operating System and or install your new software products on your computer.

Data Recovery

We can recover your important data and files in case your hard drive crashes. We will also teach you how to properly back up your files so that you will not have this problem in the future.

Peripheral Upgrades

We can upgrade your system memory, motherboard, video or sound card or any other faulty peripheral. We can also do complete upgrades to your old computer.

Complete Computer Overhaul and Cleaning

  • We will back up your data
  • Physically clean your computer, inside and out
  • Reformat your hard drive
  • Re-install or Upgrade your Operating System
  • Update the Operating System with the latest security patches, downloads and fixes
  • Install FREE-Lifetime Anti-Virus and Software Firewall to your system
  • Restore your Documents, Photos and E-mail Settings

Wireless Network Setup

Why use a traditional wired network when you can cut the cords and go wireless. Make all your computers talk to one another, use shared printers, scanners, and most importantly, share broadband access.